DMA is a guided online environment where you can learn the skills and knowledge you need for success in electronic music – delivered by professionals who’ve been there and done it.

You get access to all of our training for one monthly payment plus a whole host of deals and discounts from our partners.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched a DAW, a controller or a sample – or even if you don’t know what they are! Our teaching methods are designed for the total beginner through to the seasoned studio geek.

DMA is broken down into four course areas – one for Production, one for DJ’ing, one for Business and one for Masterclasses from world-class artists and professionals.

You’ll learn electronic music production theory and practice using Ableton or Logic from award-winning producers and build on your skills month by month.

You’ll learn to DJ using Traktor in conjunction with the world’s No.1 DJ software company, developing as the course builds every month.

You’ll get a new Masterclass every month from one of the world’s leading DJ’s or Producers where they will reveal their secret sauce – and tell you some of the stories about their road to success.

And then you’ll learn everything that there is to know about the business, marketing and promotion side of the dance music industry.

Simple, guided, powerful and effective.