Join Our Team

We are a rapidly growing young company founded by a team with enormous experience in the electronic music industry.

We’re always looking for outstanding people to join our team – either to work in our East London headquarters or as part of our remote virtual team, anywhere in the world.

Our core mission is to create the world’s best online e-learning platform for electronic music professionals.

If that sounds like a mission you can be part of and if you think that you can bring something to our team, then drop us a line below.

We’re looking for highly motivated individuals with good organisational skills. Academic qualifications aren’t a necessity as long as you have great written and oral communication skills.

Experience or ability in music production and DJ’ing, video production and editing, digital marketing, social media, graphic design, copywriting, customer support, and project management are an advantage.

Send a CV, or video (provide a link) or other submission to us at telling us what we need to know about you and why you’d like to join our mission.